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There are 2 rounds that help to make up the scoring to compete as a professional fitness competitor...

Round one is pre-judging where we present ourselves to the judges wearing a two-piece bikini and high heels.  We present a series of quarter turns where the judges can see our figures from each angle.  We are then placed by a series of call outs, where the judges compare our figures side by side with a series of quarter turns.  This determines our placing for Round 1.

Round 2 is Finals where we present to the judges a 2 minute maximum routine to the music of our choice.  This fitness routine must contain the following mandatory movements of a push up of any kind, high kicks, a straddle hold, and a side split.

The scores are then combined from Round one and Round two to determine our placing in the competition.  

Look in the mirror.

That's your competition.

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